Skate: Everything We Know About The Skate Reboot


Skate: Everything We Know About The Skate Reboot

You’ll be able to grind some gnarly rails, buuuuuuddy.

New SNOW Skateboard in Riders Republic!?

Today we are trying out the new SNOW SKATEBOARD in Riders Republic! This thing is awesome and I’m glad they added some form of skateboarding to this game.

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So I waited way too long to post this haha, but here’s a little unboxing and street session with Ryden and unfortunately it didn’t go as well as it could have. Ryden got hurt! But fear not, Ryden’s fine and wasn’t actually hurt for more than a day or so. I hope that the shoe explanation at the end could help someone out there. Either way I hope you enjoyed hanging out with us. More videos are always on the way so stay tuned!

Skate 4 MASSIVE Leaks! You Won’t Believe What’s Being Added!

This video is a full breakdown of Skate 4, from everything that was announced and revealed, to every sing leak and rumor, its all here for you in one video! If your looking forward to Skate 4, this video is a must watch!

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Skate 4 rebranded to Skate. – Everything you need to know from “The Board Room” in 2 minutes

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“Skate 4” is rebranded to “Skate.”, a “Free To Play”-tittle with crossplay and crossprogression to all platforms. Mobile crossover is also in the making.

Microtransactions are confirmed, but:
• No Pay to Win
• No Areas Behind Paywall
• No Paid Loot Boxes
• No Paid Gameplay Advantages

Personally I recommend to watch the entire interview, it’s a lot of good information, and I think this can be a good game.

Watch the entire interview at youtube.com/skateEA
Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAMgtFyrQLk

“It’s not Skate 4, just Skate., that’s why we put a little period after”��