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MIB: Alien Crisis Videos

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MIB Training Video 2

Suit up as the newest MIB recruit to eliminate the scum of the universe! Visit http://MenInBlackGame.com for more information.

Alright rook, we already taught you how to shoot, so now we should probably teach you about what you’re going to be shooting at. This is your primer on the various hostile aliens you’ll be coming into contact with in the line of duty. Pay close attention so you can tell who out there is gunning for you before you have to find out the hard way. It helps to remember the golden rule:


MIB: ALIEN CRISIS – XBOX 360 (part 1) – CHAPTERS 1-3

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Men In Black Alien Crisis Official Trailer

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MIB: Alien Crisis – Training Video #1

Primo video training di MIB: Alien Crisis – Non conta la dimensione dell’arma, conta come si usa.

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